Stronger Property Demonstration

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As a Champion Agent, you need to demonstrate the value of the property to two groups before selling the home. You demonstrate the value of the property to consumers when you show the property to them. You must be able to demonstrate the value, benefits, and features of the property as it relates to what else they could acquire in the marketplace.

By having intimate knowledge of the other competing homes in the marketplace, we can draw a contrast between our house and others. This is especially valuable to our Sellers in homogeneous neighborhoods. When dealing with properties of similar or identical floor plans, the amenities or customization of the Seller creates a greater leverage point for property demonstration. By demonstrating the superior yard, finish work, appliances, or granite counter tops, we can increase or enhance the resale price and resale value for our clients.

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in this aspect of property investment, there’s a mentor that runs a blog at and and publishes lots of helpful information that you are bound to find useful.